BMW X2 M Package


The BMW X2 really embodies the spirit and the meaning of the word crossover. A crossover can be defined as a “Compact Sports Utility Vehicle”, and the X2 delivers on all of those points accurately, its compact, its sporty and its utilitarian. Want to make it even sweeter? Pour a little more sportiness to this mix by adding the M Package which include 19 inch wheels, M sport exterior body kit and a solid chunky M sport steering wheel and you have got yourself quite the crossover indeed



It has a 2.0-liter Twin Turbo Inline 4-cylinder with 228hp sitting on an an all-wheel drive platform (or front wheel drive as tested). The X2 has that inherent BMW driving feel, driver focused and balanced. Turbo engines are famous for their “turbo lag”, however the X2s engine is very responsive, the power is given immediately and it feels as though the turbo is constantly spooled up. The X2 has a eager turn in response, cornering flat especially with the M Sport package, it is a very capable car. The sport mode sharpens everything up and gives you the full capabilities of the car, on the flip side, the comfort mode does a great job of mellowing the car down. Throttle response is set more for cruising around down, gear changes are less aggressive and the suspension is more supple.


Comfort and Technology

There are no shortcoming in terms of comfort. The fully electric seats are very comfortable and perfect for both long trips or a short drives in the city. The amount of adjustability and  configurable setting you have, everyone is able to find their perfect set up.

The suspension is sporty and very responsive to fast turns yet perfect for smooth city driving and if you fancy the idea of a beach and a little off roading, the X2 will take you there and back in style.

The center console screen comes with 3D navigation and a way to change your cars interior mood lighting to a colour of your preference. Want to relax and enjoy the ride with family with a cool blue hue? Or enhance a spirited drive with with fiery red? You pick. They are all options on a full spectrum of colours.

BMW is making sure that they cover all areas the market needs and now with the release of the X2 M Package  i think they have achieved that perfectly.


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